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A New Book by
Dean Weitenhagen

Wheat Field
A book called "I Just Turned Two" written by Dean Weitenhagen

The Book

I Just Turned Two: How I Learned To Live After Nearly Dying is a memoir detailing a seven-year period in the author’s life where his wife Patsy fought her way back from a stroke, and he struggled through two stints of chemotherapy treatments for fatal leukemia. Through it all, the author learned the answer to the oldest question about humanity: Why are we here?

The author states: "My wife’s and my journey is, plainly speaking, unique. When we as humans fully understand why we are here, it gives way to peace in our life as everyday troubles become secondary.”

About the title – when one has a stem cell transplant, they “become” the person of their donor. A stem cell recipient acquires a new blood type and even complete new DNA. It is called chimerism. The medical profession looks at one’s transplant date as a new birthday. “Hence, as my transplant was on March 13, 2019, I was two years old at the time I began writing the book.”

About The Author

Author Dean Weitenhagen is a recent resident of Arizona. He is an active member of the Board of Directors of Shepherd of the Desert Lutheran church and is involved in local political advocacy as a Precintct Committeeman. He is married to Patsy Tobis and has two children: Jesse and Silas and one stepson, Zachary. Dean enjoys studying history and keeping up with current events. After completing training to be an air traffic controller he spent twenty-one years in the broadcast television business and then twenty-five years in the commercial real estate business.


His experience through his working life prepared him, he believes, to be able to overcome the adversity he encountered beginning in 2015. And, it left him open minded enough to not focus on his trouble, but on what life is really all about.

More About

The Book

Told through a loving husband's eyes, I Just Turned Two: How I Learned To Live After Nearly Dying tells a life-affirming story spanning two vastly different continents, and two harrowing health emergencies. 

Wheat Field

Dean Weitenhagen skillfully tells a faith-based story about life, love, miracles, and tragedies. He explains how one deals with the roller coaster of emotions to which all readers will relate. Happy belated 2nd birthday and God bless you, Dean. 


Political Analyst

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